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Alpha Innovation Game Studios Ltd. also trading as AIGS Ltd. is an independent game development company focusing on mobile and tablet platform based applications, situated on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, England.

We are passionate about gaming…  That is why we set up the company, to create simple, but effective games, games that we wanted to play, with a view of becoming our own Boss!  The idea of working from home and having the freedom to take back control of your life was invigorating.

So over the last few months we have had the pleasure of working with a number of talented freelancers and small companies.

Our studio has taken the passion that we have for gaming, which was part of our childhood, together with our artistic creative flare and methodical attention to detail to create AIGS Ltd.  We have scribe away a number of gaming designs which we believe you will like, just as much as we do.  We are excited about how the company will grow over the coming months and would encourage anyone else with a similar passion for gaming or anything to be positive, don’t give up and do the same.

how we do what we do...

Growing up during in the 1980’s and playing computer games with friends has heavily influenced some of the ideas that we are currently working on.  The ZX Spectrum and Amiga still bring a smile when we reminisce.  Gaming has, however changed tremendously since those early days and especially the generation that we grew up with and were a part of.  With the advancements in mobile and tablet technology, we can now take our creative ideas and make them a reality.  Creating the kind of games that you can pick up and play as often or as little as you like, fitting your gaming experience in and

around your current lifestyle.

To date we have just release our first project Wild West Faro which is an authentic

and historically actruate Old Western card game.

With a number of great ideas in the pipeline we are excited to see how the company will grow.

Thank you for visiting our site…  You support is very much appreciated.

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