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Faro app Game!

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Jose Rios - July 25, 2016
The game from the movie Tombstone Just like lol its great time killer easy to get used to the rules. Love it well designed easy to play. Great job!

a brief game overview:

Wild West Faro is our first game release.

Picture a scene of a Saloon back in the Old West. 

You look around and see a group of guy’s playing cards,

you might think that they would be playing Poker, but

the game of choice was in fact a game called Faro.

The Faro game was the most popular card game played

throughout the Old West.

Known within the local Saloon as "bucking the tiger" or "twisting the tiger's tail" this name originated from the early card backs, which featured a drawing of a Bengal tiger.  By the mid-19th century the tiger was commonly associated with the game.  The betting layout consists of a suit of Spade cards, from Ace up to King.  Players would bet on the card of their choice.  The dealer would then exposes cards in pairs, a winner and a loser card, the dealer would then pay out or collects accordingly.

available on THE apple app store, Amazon and Google play!

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Wild West Faro is best suited on larger screen devices.  Although it will work on smaller screens for example the iPhone 4 or 5, we recommend a larger screen device for the best gaming experience.

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key features: - NO in app purchase and NO Advertisements!

- Betting on 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards at the same time- Betting on the High Card
- Parlay a bet
- Betting on a card or cards to win
- Betting on a card or cards to lose by Coppering the bet
- Placing as many bets as you wish before dealing
- Calling the last turn
- Cheating: Changing the deal box - Dealer caught cheating
- Cheating: Players can cheat by moving a bet and changing a normal bet to a copper bet
- Cheating on / off option
- Bet from $1 to $1 million
- Break the bank by winning all of the Dealers money!
- Game stats
- Bar the bet
- Clear all bets / amend a bet
- Bonus joker cards
- Polished professional graphics, sound effects and music

GAME REviewS...

Wild West Faro - Amazon

Damon Austin - June 25, 2016
Very authentic card game! A simple retro wild west saloon game which is actually quite relaxing to play. The style of betting reminds me of a Russian

roulette table. Haven't quite worked out how to


Matt Clooney - July 28, 2016
A good refreshing card game to the norm..

easy to get the hang of and enjoyable to play!

Wild West Faro
Wild West Faro - Reviews
Wild West Faro - App Store

JD Fox - September 22, 2016
I'm a living historian and reenactor, one of my colleagues portrays Wyatt Earp and has a faro table he brings to events this app is historically accurate the game is fun in person as well, which is why it was preferred even over poker in the old west saloons to play a real life version contact the legends of the west via email or Facebook Fort Worth TX.

Wild West Faro - Google Play